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Matthew Ludwinski

Life is so unfair.


Matthew Ludwinski

Life is so unfair.

Just saw “Going down in LALA Land.”
Untypical of these indie gay films, the lead actually can act. When you learn he actually IS a model, you are surprised.
Then, you wish the character he played was real and that he was yours.

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Peter Molnar

No, seriously. I have three faggots I met online. Each one thinks he paid for this whole vacation, from airfare to hotel, meals, even money for the casino. I’m having a great time and getting paid just for being awesome.

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Size Difference.*drools*

Size Difference.

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Size difference at its best.

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

A couple of years ago, an actor became an internet sensation for how he played Peter Pan. He became the most sought-after character to meet.

Now, it’s happening with this particular actor as Gaston in Florida. 

Who is he? Anyone know?